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2019 Australian Sheep & Wool Show

With a new layout to the Dohne Marquee, traffic flowed well around the sheep and fleeces on display.
The Dohne show bags were a huge hit with approximately 400 being handed out, these show bags contained the 2019 Dohne Journal… Continue reading


“Just like Showing,” ASBV’s are tapping into the “individual survival driven” human desire for size. Efficiency conversion rate is roughly inversely proportional, for every 10-fold decrease in bodyweight, conversion rates halve and hence roughly the rate of cattle is 8-1;… Continue reading


The ASBV system has been inherited from the pig and poultry industries where climate and feed is controlled and as such are strongly linked. Remember inaccuracies of the N.L.W traits are exaggerated by more excessive environmental interference than all other… Continue reading


Arguably Australia’s most reflective Uardry daughter stud, founded in 2005 with 820 embryo transfers from 20 Uardry flushing ewes in 5 years, selecting for soft-volumed, balanced maternal off grass with damp climate wools and high wean ratio’s.

Uardry additions 2006-09,… Continue reading


Daily Wean Ratio is the weight of ewe divided by the weight of lamb at weaning and adjusted to 100 days. At Stirling this is also accrued from season to season as a multi-year figure and from generation to generation… Continue reading