Murray Rogerson



Brucellosis – Accreditation No. 3565

Campylobacter – Maidens only have been vaccinated during the last 2 years as a trail only.

Clostridial – Vaccinated at marking and boosted yearly.

Dags – Are encouraged by a whole stud grain ban since 2009 and are selected heavily against for stud sires. Dag scoring was practised from 2009 to 2013.

Feet – Lincoln University gene marker test; 21 samples in August 2011, 30 samples in October 2018. Foot bathing in now banned except in emergencies and for sale rams.

Fencing – Has been fully laneway and boundary double fenced for 20 years. Occasional renewing still occurs.

Fertilizer – Receives a B-double of both Rock Phosphate and Gypsum every 3 years along with up to 10kgs of dry powdered Stocklick per hectare per year via livestock consumption.

Flystrike – Body jetting is not usually practised whilst breech jetting was omitted in 2019 only, with good results.

Lice – Backline Avenge at shearing although this may be discontinued in sympathy with sustainable farming.

Ovine Johnes – Complete female property vaccination and ram lambs at 4 weeks since 2007. 350 PFC negative in May 2018.

Water – Water supply is fully reticulated with all creeks and dams being fenced off.

Worms – Zero property capsule history. Drench gun is banned except in emergency. All sheep receive yearly Cydectin 5in1. Presently trailing Ressurrect Refugia.