Murray Rogerson



Daily Wean Ratio is the weight of ewe divided by the weight of lamb at weaning and adjusted to 100 days. At Stirling this is also accrued from season to season as a multi-year figure and from generation to generation as a single year figure to become Accrued Daily Wean Ratio.

The measurement began in 2009 this year being the 8th whilst a family was started in 2014 with like being joined to like.
The 2014 Wool family cut 5.2kg, with the ADWR of 0.51, whilst the ADWR family cut 4.5kg with an ADWR of 0.76 leaving a difference of 0.25 or 17.5kg per 70kg ewe, at $3 per kg or $52.50, all for the price of 0.7kg wool at $9 or $6.30, a difference of $46.20.

Woolcut is frame x skin, whilst the meat / lamb philosophy, of volume is a more suitable conformation for Western Victoria’s damp climate.
A.D.W.R, simply put is N.L.W x Growth x Efficiency. Efficiency remains completely unmeasured by Sheep Genetics Australia and explains the ever increasing size of sheep. Remember the conversion rate of fish is 1.2 -1; chicken 2-1; pig 3-1; lamb 4-1; and cattle 7 to 8 to 1.