Murray Rogerson



Arguably Australia’s most reflective Uardry daughter stud, founded in 2005 with 820 embryo transfers from 20 Uardry flushing ewes in 5 years, selecting for soft-volumed, balanced maternal off grass with damp climate wools and high wean ratio’s.

Uardry additions 2006-09, 490 ewes; 2010 $6000 Dubbo National ram; 2012 dispersal, $5000 sire, 82% of 2006-08 specials, 250 selected tops from 78% of 2012 ewe lamb drop, along with 600 doses of semen. Perhaps the second highest purchase of quality females on the day topping over $100,000. The stud is classed by former Uardry manager Chris Bowman.