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Farmer Murray Rogerson has devoted forty years of his life to producing quality wool and sheep.

HomeHe purchased the 300 hectare property Stirling located in Victorias south-west at Glenthompson in 1978 after 5 years farming Merino sheep, mostly on his neighbouring parent’s property.

The Glenthompson area of Victoria is located close to the centre of the renowned ‘Australia Felix,’ a term used to describe the lush, most productive areas of Victoria. Before the discovery of the Riverina, western Victoria was regarded as the world’s premier wool growing district.

‘Stirling’ boasts the fertile granitic to brown sandy loams which gave the district this reputation. With a fifty year average annual rainfall of 540mm and moisture laden winds from the Bight that blanket the district from ‘Anzac Day to Remembrance Day’ , the grass grows and so do the Dohnes.

However it is this damp soft climate that also demands sheep which possess wearability in the feet, capacity in the constitution and enough nutrition in the skin for white shafty wools.

After several decades of breeding Merinos, Murray observed dramatic changes in the commodity climate that was favouring food over fibre and subsequently made the change to the newly arrived South African Dohne which possessed these desired qualities.

“ I wanted to breed sheep that were wider and softer and had the feet to handle the 7 months of long wet grass.

“ I like the wearability of the Dohne’s mustering speed, low fibre grass only diet,high fecundity and growth rates which together produce management economy.

“ Heavy foot and apparel wool selection enhances the Stirling Dohne versatility whilst high wean ratio selection combines fecundity and growth rates”, Mr Rogerson said.

With the arrival of the first Dohne’s into Australia in 1998, the highly acclaimed‘Uardry’ Merino Stud joined the Dohne fold in 2000 later becoming the nation’s largest Dohne breeder specialising in the production of quality apparel wool.

After an initial 1992 trial with Rambouillet sheep (which he later entirely discarded) Murray’s dream of producing ‘large growthy finewool sheep’ looked unlikely to become a reality until 2004 when he undertook a commercial joining of Merino ewes to a ‘Uardry’ Dohne ram.

Between 2005 and 2008 he formed a stud of 20 flushing ewes selected by ‘Uardry’ Manager Chris Bowman delivering 650 embryo transfers followed by another 170 in 2010 almost all to top ‘Uardry’ sires

A subsequent 490 ‘Uardry’ stud ewes were purchased between 2006 and 2009 and a $6000 ‘Uardry’ ram at the 2010 Dubbo National.

At the 2012 ‘Uardry’ dispersal a $5000 sire was added along with 82% of the 2006-8 special stud ewes. A further 250 selected tops from 78% of the 2012 ewe lamb drop and 2 semen packages.Running alongside the stud is a foundation flock based on ‘Merryville’ bloodlines.

By 2010 ‘Stirling’ became the first Victorian stud to reach ram sales of 100 head.

On the fourth annual ‘Stirling’ 2013 Ram Sale held on the 2nd Thursday in November, 47 of 48 lots sold for an average price of $931.

Today, a further 60 rams are being prepared for the 2014 sale. A selection of 1000 quality breeding ewes have been sold over the last 18 months and are available at various times during the year.

To arrange an on-property inspection or request a catalogue of stock for sale contact Murray on (03)55778248 or

Stirling Dohne sheep will be for sale at the following venues during 2016:

  • Ballarat Dohne invitational sale – 5 rams – October 27th
  • Stirling 7th annual on-property ram sale 50 rams – November 10th


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