Murray Rogerson



P1040464The tools of selection at Stirling Dohne Merino include:

  • intrabreed EBV’s with day of birth recording since 2006
  • intraflock accrued daily wean ratio since 2009
  • challenging sires and dams since 2005
  • subjective selection for sheep type, wool type and feet since 2005
  • non-mulsed, Brucellosis accreditation and Gudair vaccine since 2007


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Breed History
Breed History

The Dohne Merino is a synthetic dual purpouse sheep developed by South African Department of Agriculture by using German Mutton Merino sires over Peppin-style Merino ewes. The progeny were interbred and selected for high fertility, rapid lamb growth rate and fine Merino wool under commercial range land conditions.

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