Murray Rogerson



Sire Summary

Stirling Dohne type Caster ST140079
 2016 – ASBVs Percentiles – WWT 0.7, PWT 0.8, YWT 0.9, YCFW 1.3
 2016 – Bendigo ASWS Reserve Champion
 2017 – Bendigo ASWS 2ND Senior Class
 2017 – Bendigo ASWS 1ST Dohne Rams Fleece
 2018 – Bendigo ASWS 1ST Dohne Rams Fleece
 2019 – Bendigo ASWS 1ST Dohne Rams Fleece – Undefeated at 5 years
 2019 – Bendigo ASWS Sire of Victorian Champion.
Breeding Details
Victoria Grand Champion Dohne Ram 2019 ASWS
Breeding Details
Breeding Details
Purchased at the 2010 National Dohne Ram Sale for $6000
Barrell and feet were outstanding with lock structure similar to 68.
Breeding Details

Sale rams at Stirling Dohne Merino are not challenged except for the customary whole stud grain ban and whole breeding flock rotational grazing whilst on thier mothers.

The fierce demand for big sheep precludes this policy. Stud sires are toe trimmed, drenched before joining and foot bathed in extreme emergencies, however beyond this they are “stuck in the orchard” to fend for themselves occasionally receiving some hay or silage.