Murray Rogerson



In 1986 I called at the farm of L.A Pockley of “Pylara” Tarago NSW. He had presented a paper to a Measurement Conference in 1978 beginning the march to the start of LAMBPLAN in 1985. Below is a summary with comment.

  1. Recording organisation should be separate from research teaching institutions.
    Comment – LAMBPLAN is an arm The University of New England
  2. At least 2 organisations are needed to provide comparison and competition to service breeders better.
    Comment – Sheep Genetics is the only organisation although Stock Scan operates in New Zealand.
  3. Organisation to provide service only. Breeders to set the aim.
    Comment – the aim of breeders is prediction individual prediction has been replaced by species phenotypic mapping.
  4. Organisation cannot launder respectability.
    Comment – Assumed as understood.
  5. Standard Base Ranking will promote common understanding.
    Comment – Is used but at least the NLW trait is being constantly fiddled.
  6. Group differences should be corrected– age, sex, mob, flock, etc.
    Comment – Predominantly done but climate remains a canyon to far to bridge.
  7. Characteristics should be separated WWT for milk, PWWT for grass etc.
    Comment – Assumed as done.
  8. Minimal husbandry requiring fat maybe more important than performance traits.
    Comment – Done.
  9. Chromozone and blood screening should be encouraged for between group use.
    Comment – In progress.
  10. Objective measurement should remain as a measurement aid only.
    Comment – Programs such as MateSel are forcing the hand to become the only Measurement System..

L.A Pockley concludes “this could all be at hazard if with the very best of intentions we set up what may become a monopolistic bureaucracy that might limit or misdirect the effort of our livestock breeders”