Murray Rogerson



Data collection dating back to 1974 was fed into the databank of LAMBPLAN which began in 1985 incorporating 8 major breeds, Poll Dorset, White Suffolk, Texel, Merino, Suffolk, Border Leicestor, Corriedale and Coopworth.

As LAMBPLAN grew Dr Arthur R Gilmore of NSW Agriculture developed the software program BVEST in the early 1990’s which was taken into use by LAMBPLAN in 1993.

The animal breeding and genetics unit at the University of New England using their experience gained from developing the beef BREEDPLAN and the pig PIGBLUP software programs, developed the OVIS software program with a 35-trait capability to suit LAMBPLAN’S genetic evaluation requirements.

In 1999 LAMBPLAN moved to the OVIS software whilst BVEST was taken up by the Australian Dohne Breeders Association until 2012 when it joined the OVIS program using our own Dohne Base Index.

The OVIS software algorithm is a calculation with complete linkage of progeny’s records to progeny co-relatives, traits co-relatives flock and year co-relatives and genomics co-relatives involving tens of thousands of calculations for each individual more commonly known as Australian Sheep Breeding Values.

Acknowledgements – Daniel Brown, University of New England