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2015 On Property Sale Report

Higher clearance for Stirling Dohnes

Laura Griffin 16 Nov 2015, Stock & Land

STIRLING DOHNES – 27 of 40 rams sold to $1050, av $824

GLENTHOMPSON’s Stirling Dohne stud achieved an improved clearance rate at its annual sale despite the tough seasonal conditions.

Stirling sale 2015 Photo
 The sale draft had good conformation and good feet.

Principal Murray Rogerson said a good clearance of 27 rams out of 40 was achieved, which saw sales lift by three rams on last year’s results.

“Butt and feet presentation were both excellent,” Mr Rogerson said.

The sale saw a lift in support for the maternal wean ratio index Stirling ADWR (being the weight of lamb weaned and adjusted to 100 days divided by the weight of ewe at weaning) – with the sold sheep averaging 0.65 and the unsold sheep averaging 0.53.

Long-term supporter Steven Molloy, Waubra, runs a self-replacing Dohne flock paid the top price at $1050 for ST140097 with a Stirling ADWR of 0.83 and a fibre diameter co-efficient variation of -1.3 – both of which Mr Rogerson said were around the 12 percentile level and reflecting the qualities in demand.

The leading purchasers at seven-a-piece were Y Worry Pastoral Company and RJ&EM Jubb, who were both chasing broader crimping white wools with improved wool cuts for their self-replacing Dohne flocks.

Stirling sale 2015 Photo 2

The Stirling Dohne rams were purchased by mainly local buyers.