Murray Rogerson


Welcome to our new website

A very warm spring welcome to our new web page. Designer Justin from Leeming in W.A. has been a very patient man over the past 10 months spending many hours on the telephone and on teamviewer. Having started at kinder he has elevated me though preps and into grade 1 primary. I wonder has he read Charles Dickens, Great Expectations.P1040465

My techman Nathan of Penshurst in Victoria has also been of great assistance in speeding up the process. Having been laid off as a fitter and turner, a once vital cog in the economic wheel, now 31 he is forging a business into this enormous vacuum of opportunity.

Breeding sheep may not have changed in a hundred years but promotion certainly has. Without its utilization every business is going to become very much more difficult to run and just as the non G.S.T. generation dropped out of business very rapidly, so it will be for the non-web generation. This change will also no doubt force more pressure for measurement and sheep breeding will change more rapidly.

I hope all readers enjoy the Justin-made format of the site and I will endeavor to write a tri-monthly article on a topic of importance. If you have commentary of your own on these topics you are welcome to use my email. I have started with a couple of articles particular to my own philosophies on breeding.

Remember the commercial sales page is open for free listing.

~Murray – September 2014